Take a tour of the "Carousel Garden"

See the recently restored antique horse carousel complete with 20 jumper horses that once resided in Marathon Park  Wausau, Wisconsin.

It was built in 1947 with characteristics similar to Allan Herschell carousels. For over 50 years it occupied the park before it's arrival here at the nursery in 2010. The past three years we have been refurbishing this classic ride. Adding over 600 lights, rounding boards with mirrors, lots of paint and hand crafted fiberglass faces on the shields in which we fondly call the "Carousel Keeper". Look closely, you will see his face throughout the gardens.

With several horses yet to be painted and chariots to be built, it will be a work in progress for several more years to come.

So please enjoy the gardens that have grown up around it. Filled with old favorites and many new exciting varieties of plants all convienently labeled. Our hope is that you come away full of imagination and inspiration for your ideal backyard retreat.